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Cool Blue

Duncan G.'s 1990 RS Turbo

Duncan purchased the car you see before you in June 2000, Not surprisingly he was dead pleased. Good performance coupled with excellent looks. But, only a week later the clutch went. No problem, a new one was fitted only for it to promptly go pear shaped again a week later...

The guys at the garage who repaired the clutch for the second time said that it would probably go again as two stabilising brackets were missing from the engine. Quite rightly, they advised Duncan to hotfoot it down to Uncle Henry and get himself some new ones. Off he popped to his local Ford dealer for a quote for the new brackets. In typical awkward main dealer fashion they insisted on having a gander at the engine themselves to verify which ones were missing. Just as well, as in doing so they discovered that the entire front end was bent...

It had obviously been in quite a serious front end crash and then the repairs were not exactly to the highest standard... Not feeling too happy with himself for buying a write-off or life in general, Duncan went about getting some quotes for the rebuild. Owlsbury Coachworks delivered the best offer and so one bent Turbo was wheeled away to their garages for about two and a half months.

After what seemed like double that time the car was returned to Duncan in the condition it is in now. Virtually all bodywork from the windscreen forward is brand new, as are all the suspension track arms, roll bar etc. As the engine was out for chassis straightening, it seemed like a good time to stick in an uprated clutch and get the previously weeping turbo replaced with a hybrid effort, oh and fit those f*****g brackets!

Duncan G.'s 1990 RS Turbo
Engine: Stage two 195 chip, K&N 57i Induction kit, electronic boost controller 8-16psi, metal head gasket, ported, polished, skimmed and gas flowed head, Hybrid T02 Turbo with 360 degree thrust bearing, dump valve.
Transmission: Stock gearbox with Black Diamond uprated clutch.
Exhaust: Full Scorpion system with 4" tailpipe.
Wheels: 7x15" AEZ Excess.
Tyres: Yokohama 195/45 A520.
Suspension: Jamex lowering springs, Sparco front strut brace.
Brakes: Stock.
Exterior: Full respray in Ford Escort Cosworth Imperial Blue, Fibresports Escort Cosworth front bumper with clear indicators, Fibresports Escort RS2000 side skirts, late spec Mondeo estate roof spoiler with integral brake light, clear indicators and side repeaters, Dimma fuel cap trim, M3 mirrors, chrome Fiesta RS Turbo badges on tailgate, gold Ford ovals, de-locked doors, bonnet de-seamed and hole filled, Ford oval re-located to bumper.
Interior: Momo Race steering wheel, Momo Race gearknob, 30psi boost guage, AutoStyle Sportmat tailored floor mats with chequer plate heel pads and "RS Turbo" embroidered logos, Lockwood white dials, alloy dash trim kit.
ICE: Kenwood Mask head unit and 10 disc CD multichanger, Kenwood speakers, 10" Kenwood subwoofer in home made boot build, Kenwood 6x9s in Auto Acoustics parcel shelf, Alpine 200w amp, Kenwood 400w Mono sub amp.
Thanks to: Owlsbury Coachworks - 01892 664749

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