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No news is good news... Eventually!

It's coming, but not yet!

As this version of ft passes it's third birthday things are going swimmingly. Forum membership has grown from 50 users in April 2001 to over 6000 in June 2004.

However news updates, feature cars and technical articles have been few and far between and with good reason.

Far from dwindling interest or lack of time, the reason for apparant neglect is due to thourough and meticulous planning deep inside the ft labs. For several months now version 3 has been spec'd, brainstormed and intricately laid out. Coding has begun and a basic functional model exists.

It's a task of immense magnitude and like all things of quality and perfection it will take time (he says modestly!). There is no planned release date, it will be done when it's done.

Bold words it may seem, but in the past three years much wisdom has been gained and I feel that the site surrounding this text can be improved tenfold.

More news will be posted as the project progresses.


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