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2.0 Zetec Conversion Details and Prices

7th March, 2006

Sorry, but we regret that due to time constraints and other commitments we are not able to offer the installation of engines at this time. details and prices have been kept on this page for reference.

To locate a suitable suppplier or fitter please ask in the forums.

This chart shows the parts required and the costs and timescales for the conversions. Refer to the notes at the bottom for explanations of the (numbered) items.

  1.0 / 1.1 / 1.3 HCS 1.4 / 1.6 / CVH / PTE 1.6 Zetec / 1.8 Zetec
Labour X X X
Engine X X X
Engine Bay Loom X Recommended (1)  
Fuel Tank X    
Fuel Pump X    
Fuel Lines X    
Gearbox X Recommended (2)  
ECU X Recommended (1)  
Suspension Recommended (3)    
Sump X X  
Engine Mounts X    
Full Exhaust X X  
Throttle Body X X X
Oil Pickup X X  
Radiator X X  
Water Pipes X X  
Air Pipes X X  
Filters x3 X X X
Cam Belt X X X
Clutch & Flywheel X    
Tensioners X X X
Water Pump X X Depends (5)
Exhaust Manifold X X  
Inlet Manifold X X  
Spark Plugs X X Recommended (4)
Sensors X X  
HT Leads X X Recommended (4)
Air Box X X  
Gearbox Mounts If in need of replacment If in need of replacment If in need of replacment
Alternator Brackets X    
Power Steering Pump Depends (6) Depends (6)  
Aux Drive Belt X X X
Gaskets X X X
Time Needed * 1 Week 1 week 5 Days
Labour £395 £350 £295

* assuming all parts present and working prior to commencing.


  1. A Zetec can be run on XR2i 8v EEC-IV management, however this is not really recommended.
  2. Due to power increase, a stronger box is recommended.
  3. Due to the added weight and performance, uprated suspension is recommended.
  4. Service items that for best performance we recommend be renewed at the time of engine fitting.
  5. A 1.6 / 1.8 water pump is used with the 2.0 engine. It may be possible to use the one from your current engine.
  6. Depends on model year and variant of your car.


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