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Advertise on fiestaturbo.com

Since it's lauch as www.fiestaturbo.co.uk in April 2000, fiestaturbo.com has grown and grown to become the biggest and most popular Fiesta site in existance. The site now recieves an average of 10 million hits per month (exact statistics and graphs available on request), and the forum membership has grown from 500 to over 5000 in the space of 2 years, with hundreds of new members joining every month. The site is linked from almost every other Fiesta site and is mentioned and linked to from other forums and discussion boards throughout the world.

Features and articles in the modified car press as well as events organised by members of the site (including the record breaking 178mph top speed run) have provided further exposure.

As a result of this there is tremendous advertising potential, especially in the forums. A high visibility banner at the top of the page is extremely prominent and the cost of the space is minimal when compared to even the smallest of magazine adverts. A free banner design service is available and positions are available in the main site and the forums.

Please email advertising@fiestaturbo.com to discuss further or to purchase a banner.