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Block Party - Fiesta RS WRC

Block Party - Fiesta RS WRC


Everyone with a modified Fiesta wishes they had untold wealth and limitless funds to pour though an extravagant gold-plated funnel direct into their car. Sadly most of our income is required for the more mundane aspects of life, but imagine if your financial position was no restriction, and that everything that you wanted for your car you could have. What would such a car be like?

For one man this question has been answered. Most of you reading will have seen his exploits but if you've been under a rock for the past few years, meet K...

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RS Owners Club National Day 2005


Now comfortably settled into it's regular home of Donington Park, the RS Owners Club's high point of...

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Fireworks At Night - Flames & Bangs

Fireworks At Night - Flames & Bangs


One of the most prominent aspects of racing and other highly tuned cars is their propensity to dispe...

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